Increase your professional prestige

Why a Ph.D. by Research?

A Ph.D. by Research at Selinus University School of Theology and Religious Sciences is a great choice for people predisposed to religious knowledge that have already graduated, wishing to broaden their spiritual and cultural horizons and to increase their professional prestige. The rigor of our advisors’ assessment and the competence of our supervisors are a guarantee of high professionalism and can have relevant - if not decisive - importance in obtaining an academic qualification in religious studies.

Getting a Ph.D. in Religious Sciences can lead to growth prospects and career advancement towards senior positions in national and multinational companies and organizations. It can also be a key that opens the gates to international consulting, mediation or ministry in faith-based organizations.

Our faculty members come from all around the world, are highly qualified in their field of expertise and combine a solid academic foundation with professional experience and leadership. However, the true added value of such a specialized academic program lies in the research autonomy of the candidates and in their ability to bring out new and innovative findings from literature review, in order to reach academic achievements that pave the way for new generations of scholars.

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Faculty of Islamic Studies

6 institutional curricula

Faculty of Biblical Studies

6 institutional curricula

Faculty of Buddhist Studies

6 institutional curricula

Faculty of Jewish Studies

6 institutional curricula

Faculty of Hindu Studies

6 institutional curricula

Faculty of Religious Studies

9 institutional curricula