The world increasingly
needs peace builders


Our communities, our cities and our countries need to rediscover and share common values based on love, peace and civil coexistence. Today’s reality is drifting toward mutual misunderstanding, violence, hate and racism of all sorts. An authentic spiritual and religious formation is bound to influence social and civil life, especially in an era of historic changes and global economic transitions. Religious Studies - by also encompassing history, scripture and tradition - help us to better understand and face the new challenges arising, such as climate change, digital transition, energy and mobility sustainability, health system and much more.

As a School of Theology and Religious Sciences, it is our duty to train a new generation of peace builders. A collective effort is necessary to spread a civic education, in order for everyone to be committed to peace and non-violence. A true and positive peace for a better future, based on respect for the dignity and the rights of every person and every people. As an institution, we aim to ensure that schools and universities become places of peace, dialogue and fraternity. Every aspect, from organization to education, from relations to knowledge approach, from room for diversity to democratic participation, must be oriented towards peace. This is the mission of Selinus University School of Theology and Religious Sciences: to foster modern teaching of religious education and peace studies in an interdisciplinary and research-oriented perspective, investigating theoretical and practical aspects of today’s ever-changing world.

We take up the challenge by remembering the vivid teaching of all faiths, from Christianity to Islam, from Hinduism to Judaism, from Buddhism to other religions, whose principles are always inspired by sharing of values and peace. Our mission is a utopia we want to believe in: to build a social pact for global education through religious studies and research.

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